Vertical Blinds for both Commerical uses and Domestic at home. From an award winning collection.

Vertical Blinds  

  Commerical FR Verticals

  Domestic Verticals at Home



We have a huge range of vertical blinds to offer you. Both commercial and domestic blinds. 


Commercial blinds are flame retardant and suited for a wide range of applications. These come with a certificate for your records to keep up with legislation. With a back up held by us. These are very suited for Infection control situations at Doctors and Hospitals, Nursing homes etc. The No 1 area for these blinds has been in computer work related places. Where operators of computers are able to control the light to suit there work needs. From one blind to a whole factory site!! for one order of blinds for Eaton Aerospace Titchfield in Hampshire over 225 blinds and still counting. We can cope with working out of hours and large and small orders to suit your company needs


Domestic at Home Blinds carry the biggest range of fabric and colours. Reflecting both modern and traditional tastes. We know from showing customers our range of blinds at times they get stuck for choice. The award winning collection just stands out as soon as the book is opened. We can help you with ideas and go though what you are looking to help you choose what is right for you. The same quality as our commercial blinds these blinds are made to last.




These are used with a very reliable head rail a detail often forgotten about when looking for a blind. The head rail is the part that has to carry the fabric for years to come. This is often where cheaper prices are reflected as the head rail is an area where corners are cut. At Making Interiors we only use one type of head rail, the same one we have been using for the last 15 years as we know it works




We know from time to time the odd thing breaks, on the whole the product is damaged by the customer by accident. But don't worry we also fix blinds. If you have purchased a blind from us we normally come out and fix it FOC for you. These things happen as we use the same head rails and blinds for the application you have bought them for we carry the spares. So you will not be left standing with a broken blind. We are a family company we are not looking to get our sale and go. Just call us for help.

The collection

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Comprising of 8 collections in 67 fabrics ranges, with 316 colour options, there is something for even the most discerning customer.

A number of high profile designers and stylists have contributed to the creation of The Fabric Box, offering the optimum choice and quality blinds, finishes and accessories,

Luxe Collection
Natural, textured fabrics come together to form the Luxe Collection. Obtain simplistic chic with this selection of sophisticated weaves and fabrics. Four ranges of pure luxury with the choice of stunning voiles and faux suede which sit alongside natural weaves and plain fabrics.

Colours Collection
Make a bold statement or create an effortlessly cool effect with the Colours Collection. The trend led Splash range has a colour to suit an space with a choice of 44 vibrant shades. The Metropolitan range comprises of a sumptuous upmarket simplicity that is new to the Colours Collection.

Essence Collection
Understated elegance is the perfect description for the nine fabrics ranges in the Essence Collection. The "Modern Classics" allow for clean, versatile, neutral styling in any space.

Easiwipe Collection
Style and function in one. Easiwipe blinds offer an easy care, practical solution for today's hectic home life. With nine diverse fabric ranges the Easiwipe Collection symbolises functionality yet oozes style. Updated colour and fabric choices bring this PVC based range right up to date.

Signature Collection
The stunning Signature Collection is the epitome of pure class, merging contemporary interior styling with decadently opulent fabrics. Those with a flair for interior design will indentify with the seductive ambience achievable through the Signature Collection.

Senses Collection
An eclectic collection of modern, functional fabrics come together in the Senses Collection. Diversity is key as metallics merge with natural weaves, bamboo inspired patterns and specialist screen fabrics.

Natura Collection
Sculptured and textured, this collection of easily co-ordinated, natural fabrics brings nature into your home, The soft contours and definitive weaves come together to mimic the natural world. With 11 fabric ranges to choose from, in a selection of understated colours and fabrics, Natura creates a haze of warmth and comfort.

Blackout Collection
As day drifts into night, let Blackout blinds perform their true function in a stylish manner by completely enveloping your interior space in darkness. The Blackout Collection in 9 striking ranges inspires a sense of tranquillity.

Contemporary, stylish accessories can add the personal touch to any fabric range. Within The Fabric Box collections there are many new, updated or modernised accessories to complement the range of fabrics available. Decedent jewels, natural weaves and vibrant colours create a stunning collection of extras for the perfect blind.


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