STUNNING !!! wood venetian blinds by far our most popular product.

Wood Venetian Blinds 




What can I say this is by far one of the most stuning products in the Blinds world we feel. The range is simply stunning and we feel we have one of the best and most comprehensive ranges to offer you. Standard blinds to custom blinds, colours , tapes, headrails we have a range to simply suit all peoples budget, tastes and styles.






Sizes from 25mm , 35mm 50mm and now the all new and stunning 65mm Blinds. These sizes relate to the slat width and the most common being the 50mm. The style this blind offers really complements a room. Ask us for details as we have so much to offer in this range. Simply look at the photo's to show you the reason why it's one of the most popular product in the blind range.



 Please look though the details on this PDF for colours and samples of the fabrics for the tape options.