Stunning Wood Curtain Poles

Wood Curtain Poles


  British Made


Wooden Poles are made from renewable timbers in Devon.  22 Standard finishes are all applied by hand, waxed and buffed to a light sheen.

12 Finials to choose from ( ends ). 4 different types of brackets and a huge range of colours. We can also have your curtain poles to your own colour choice, please call for details.                                  



Available in 3 sizes

 35mm Diameter

50mm Diameter

63mm Diameter


Starting From only £26

The way to choose your pole is to start with a standard Pole pack. This will be the pole, brackets and a ball finial. Then you can have unstained as pictured above. Or you can have a choice of the colours, stains or specical finishes. Then you can change the finial from the standard ball to a more detailed finial. Then you can also change the brackets as well.

So as an example a popular choice is a Antique Pine, 50mm with Stain Brass Brackets and Beehive Finials. The choice is yours it's that simple and that flexable.