Discounted Conservatory Blinds, never beaten on price. Supply & Fitted by our own fitters though out the south.

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££ We have never been beaten on price ££ with conservatory roof blinds. Why?

We don't price our jobs in the same way as many of the leading companies do. We supply the same product and the same high spec fabric. 78% of the blinds we sell for the roof are black out material. If you can see the sun though the fabric then it's going to get hot! The black out fabric stops this and helps to control the heat in the room to make it more stable and comfortable to use the room all year round. We also sell none black out as well. If your room is north facing.


We supply a range of blinds suitable for your conservatory. You can choose any of our blind types for your conservatory walls & roof . All styles are made to measure, and created to your specifications. Helps to keep the heat out in the summer and the heat in, in the winter. Meaning you can use the room all year round.

Blinds are an excellent alternative to curtains in your conservatory. They're easy to use and keep clean, allow you to maximise the space in your conservatory. Plus control the sunlight.

We also supply conservatory roof blinds, which are made to measure. Please see below for details.



Made to Measure Conservatory Roof Blinds

Every Conservatory is different in size. That is why we at Making Interiors we come to your home to offer the complete no hassle, no hard sell service. Our made to measure service is kept in house. We will come to your home and measure your roof windows, and create and install your blinds for you. No matter how awkward the shape of your roof, we will guarantee to make beautiful blinds to cover it.


If you are located in the Southampton including the New Forest, Winchester, Farnham, Fareham, Portsmouth, Chichester and surounding area's please give our friendly team a call for more information. We're always happy to help!




We as a company do recomend black out fabric for a reason. If your south facing with your conservatory you will already know the strength of the sun and the heat that can build up in the room. The solar reflective fabrics really are not all that good in this direct sunlight at keeping the heat at a more comfortable level, they do work but only at a certain level. For north facing conservatory rooms they are perfect for this a combination of some sun light but also shading you from any direct light at times they work well. This also reverses in Winter time where a thicker fabric not only keeps the heat at a level more comfortable it also helps keep heat in, in the winter.


A number of leading companies do not sell black out roof blinds. This is because they cost more. It means then their prices would be even higher than they are now. Meaning they just wouldn't get a sale. With many big named companies coming in with a price at more than you paid for the purchase & build of your conservatory in the first place. This does not need to be the case.  Over the years I have heard of sales reps informing customers that there is simply no fabric available in black out. This is incorrect, we sell black out roof blinds. These are the biggest seller in our range. We sell our black out roof blinds at the same price as many other companies sell the cheaper solar reflective fabrics. Meaning we really do offer you the best price and also the best product.


We are a nation of conservatory lovers, but really we don't know what to do with them when it comes to using them all year round. Done right you can use the room almost all year round. Because conservatory blinds are a high priced item many companies have sales teams running around the south just trying hard to get you signed up to their expensive package or more important their commission!! They will even try underhanded to slate other companies products and service with out any grounds of evidence. Just to get a sale.


We don't do that. We are not hard sell. The person that comes round to show you the product is always some one who has fitted these blinds and knows how they work, how they operate and how they fit in your conservatory. We have been selling roof blinds for years. We have a team on hand who create some of the best fit conservatory blind roof systems. We might not sell as many as the leading names in the trade. That's because we take longer to get the product right first time so we know your be our best advert to your friends and family.






Every conservatory is different. But lets just take two. These Wood weave blinds you see here our cost £1800 fitted.Two leading companies supplied quotes to this customer of £6000 dropping over a 2hr visit to £4000. We measured and gave a price all in the space of 20 mins ( 10mins measure time ) and got the job. We then took a further 40 mins to remeasure to workshop standards for them to be made. In just over an hour we saved them money, time and got the product they wanted.


Black out pleated roof blinds above that is one if not the best systems on the market today.Our Cost £2295 fitted. Leading company quoted £5500 ( non black out , just in Solar reflective fabric stating you didn't need black out ( they didn't sell black out ) fabric. Over time and then calling back a week later he was then quoting £3800 as their best price.



Don't be fooledby commission driven sales men.

Conservatory Blinds are expensive but don't need to cost as much as you think.


Don't forget our FULL 5 year Guarantee on all our Conservatory Blinds.