Discounted Fabrics, Grab a Bargain fabrics from £3.49




Grab a Bargain. Every one wants a bargain and at Making Interiors we are here to help.


Fabrics from £3.49 a meter.


BUT be warned once they are gone they are gone! So if you like what you see please act fast.




We also from time to time get Sub Standard Fabric. This is industry talk for fabrics that have a quality issue and can't be sold at full retail price. These can be as much as 65-70% cheaper than full retail. The faults are normaly just minor faults like the print not being as sharp as it should. A line running though the fabric to other minor faults. Substandard Fabrics are non refundable. But if your not too worried there are some amazing savings as some are current stock items and not discontinued fabrics.



 Race car Formular 1 style.

  £5.95 pm 137cm wide 65cm Pat Repeat



 Beep Beep Fabric

 £4.95pm 137cm wide 45cm Pat Repeat



Surfer Babe Fabric

 £4.95pm 137cm wide 60cm Pat Repeat



Childrens Patch Fabric

 £4.95pm 137cm wide 45cm Pat Repeat