Hotel tracks and curtains. Supply and Service of Curtain rails.


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Full & part package.

Full Curtain and Track supply and fit. With Design and back up of the products along with insured fitters and flame retardant certificates for your records

We carry out a full design service with you. Work within your budget and most important get the wow factor you need and the products looking their best. Backed up with full flame retardant fabrics, some treated and some inherently flame retardant. To current standards. Safety is paramount both in the product we leave with you and our working on site.

Call us if you have a need for our services. We work with large hotels as well as many B&B's in the area. It's a partner ship we want to offer and if you have limited resources we can surprise you of what we can offer and the look you can gain. With many hotels and B&B 's rated via the internet it's soon shown in ratings if a hotels curtains and rooms look tired. That affects your room revenues and your business.



Track serve.





Track Serve  is where hotels have curtain tracks in bad state of repair or parts missing and we offer a valuation and supply of parts for your maintenance man. Or we carry out a full service where we replace broken parts, service the track and leave you with parts for any future needs. We know at local level basic repairs are able to be sanctioned by hotel staff and management to keep your costs down and a room fully serviced. If a full service is needed throughout the hotel then we can work with head offices to show costs and wait till it's budgeted for. It's flexible for you and your business needs.

We carry a large number of spare parts for tracks, we also have a huge back up of one of Europe's largest supplier of hotel standard tracks and poles in the industry. If it's been made we normally have no issue in identifying and supplying the parts you need and fast.

For some hotels we have carried out a survey and then supplied what we call a " First Aid kit " this is will be filled with the parts for tracks you have in your hotel so your maintenance man can quickly refer to the " First Aid box " to get a room back up and fully serviced quickly so you can maximize your rooms sold and not have rooms out of action awaiting parts. After all it's normally a part that costs no more than £1 that could stop at room being sold for £75 or more.

We have worked in hotels from Southampton to Edinburgh, Birmingham to London and Brighton. From 30 bedrooms to 225 bedrooms.





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